The lux experience

My name is Cherise, and I'm a Portrait Photographer based out of St. Albert and Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.

You might be wondering, what is a lux? Simply put, a lux is a way to measure the intensity and vibrancy of light as perceived by the human eye. This simple term is the very essence of why I'm passionate about photography - to capture the vibrancy of the moment and the sincerity of emotion. I want to see you in your best light. I want to know what makes you, well, you. I want to capture you in your element. I want to bring out the vibrant moments in your life so that you can safeguard them forever.

My focus is on lifestyle portraits because I love watching my clients interact with each other in a natural, yet beautiful way.  I like to capture those little moments or expressions that are often missed. I’m not afraid to get-to-know my clients and I feel like this allows me to really capture the personal essence of the moment.  I often bring my clients to unique places that incorporate beautiful aspects of nature and I love incorporating stunning lighting that will surely result in one-of-a-kind photos.

I love all things photography but I specialize in lifestyle portrait photography, mostly couples, families and personal branding. Nothing brings me greater joy than to be a part of the beautiful and meaningful moments of your life that you will be able to re-live, time and time again. I believe we should celebrate anything we feel is important to us, big or small. Make every moment count!

My Philosophy

I believe in taking images with impact.

I believe there's more to hiring a photographer than just having your photo taken. It's true what they say, "anyone can take a photo nowadays", good thing is, I'm not there just to 'take a photo'.

I'm there to create an image - your image. I just happen to take great photos along the way ; )

 I believe in providing my clients with a professional, yet fun, experience from start to finish. I pride myself on being upfront and honest with all my clients and I promise to deliver outstanding results. I truly feel privileged to be part of your special moments and my goal is to provide you with a vibrant Lux experience.

A few kind words



“Cherise is an absolute angel. It didn’t feel the usual awkwardness of posing for photographers because not only did she make us feel like supermodel’s but it felt like she was one of our friends too! She made me feel involved and confident and I couldn’t imagine a better experience with anyone else. AND of course the pictures all ended up SO beautiful, I felt radiant and myself! Every moment she captured was magical !”

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" Some say a picture is worth a thousand words- I want my photos to leave you speechless". Cherise Arcand