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Dating Profile Sessions

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Most people looking to revamp their online dating profile photos don't need a full session or hundreds of photos! That's why these session are perfect and are a great price for only $140. These sessions are 20 minutes in length and are designed to be quick and painless! You will receive 6-7 digital edits that are sure to impress and will include 1 headshot, 1-2 upper body shots, 1 full body shot and 2-3 candid images.
*these sessions are held 1-2 times/month at pre-set locations and run back-to-back.

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In Edmonton? Are you looking to revamp your dating profile with better photos? Let me be your dating profile photographer. It’s well known that having quality dating profile photos is key to having success in making a good first impression online.  Trust me, I’ve been there! And I can tell you first hand how refreshing it is to see a profile that shows genuine effort. The first step in making a lasting impression is by starting with professional dating profile photos.

 I help my clients make an impression that will last.  Leave those bathroom selfies behind! Instead, let's take some quality photos that exude your personality and highlight your best features.  Whether you are using Bumble, Tinder, Match, POF, etc having quality photos done by portrait photographer right here in Edmonton, is a sure way to attract attention.

Why it's important

Oh, let me count the ways!

1.  First impressions matter! If your photos are blurry, poorly lit, unflattering, or cluttered, it can show a lack of effort making it harder to make a good first impression. Research has shown that first impressions can be surprisingly accurate and can have a significant impact on how we perceive someone.  For instance, if we perceive someone as friendly and approachable, we are more likely to feel positively about them and want to engage with them. 

2.  Quality photos can assist in communicating your personality and interests: Your dating profile photos provide subtle queues about your personality.  Have you ever been told you have kind eyes? Or an infectious smile? Having quality dating profile photos in addition to an enticing written bio can help you create a well-rounded dating profile that appeals to all the senses and can give your matches a better sense of who you are as a person.  

3. Up-to-date and accurate photos can build trust:  Have you ever been catfished? Or have you ever shown up to your date and thought that your date looked nothing like they did in their dating profile?  Or that the photos they did use were from 10 years ago? It can make for a strained meet-up if you feel like your date has mislead you or wasn't truthful. If your photos are clear, up-to-date and an accurate depiction of you true self it can foster an immediate sense of trust knowing that person in the photo matches up in real life. 

As a Dating Profile Photographer in Edmonton, I help my clients find their perfect match by capturing high-quality images that showcase their personality and style, increasing their chances of making a strong first impression.  I’ll work with you in creating a dating profile that stands out from the crowd! 


Who can book a session?

Anyone 18+ is welcome to book!

Help! What should I wear?

Wear something that you feel comfortable in. For best photographic results, I usually recommend Smart Casual. Stick to solid and more neutral colors unless bright colors and patterns are typical of your everyday style. Leave your sunglasses, ball caps, swim wear and graphic t-shirts at home.

What about makeup?

Keep your makeup true to your usual everyday style.

Do you use filters or heavy photoshopping?

No. I edit gracefully with great attention to detail. Color correction, tasteful skin smoothing or blemish removal is included. I encourage body positivity and do not digitally enhance someone's body or features.

Can I bring a pet?

Given that these mini-sessions are only 15 minutes in length having a pet will increase the required time for a sitting. Pets do make great additions and can be accommodated by adding 10 minutes to your session for the cost of $15.

Can I use the photos for my LinkedIn or other business related purposes?

Generally, no. There is an added fee for commercial usage rights that can be added at time of booking.